Business Membership (11 or more employees)

The Business Membership covers 911 emergency calls covered by your medical insurance. If you have an emergency we will bill your insurance company. If your insurance company covers the call your club membership will cover all expenses not covered by your insurance.

This is not an insurance policy. If you do not have medical insurance or your medical insurance does not cover your 911 transport, you will be responsible for 75% of the bill. Your club membership will cover the remaining 25% of the total bill. An emergency ambulance call can cost $800.00 or more if you are not a member. Our club membership runs through the calendar year.

Please Note: normal 911 transport has been increased to $850 effective 1 Oct 2019 

Your new membership will cover you from January 1, 2024 until December 31, 2024. The Mont Alto Ambulance Squad serves the Borough of Mont Alto, Penn National Estates, Pond Bank, Quincy Home and Village and other portions of Quincy and Guilford Townships. If you received this letter, we are your Emergency Medical Services Provider. We do not solicit in areas that we do not cover.

PLEASE NOTE: Non Covered Services that include Patient Refusal of transport and Patient Assists (lifting) are now billable services.

If you can help with an additional donation, it is very much appreciated.
Price: $300.00